We want to help those in need with the compassion of Christ

Hurricane Irma Relief

We want to help those in need with the Compassion of Christ

Are you in need?

Please let us know your need, location, and contact info at Irmarelief.faith While we can’t fix everything, we will do what we can to help you with:

  • Downed trees
  • General Cleanup (spoiled food, carpet, furniture, etc)
  • Water & food
  • Toiletries
  • Caring friendship
  • Prayer
  • Removing and hauling debris
  • etc.

Please let us know of hard-hit or neglected areas, or neighbors in need.
We will begin in Mandarin and work our way out to meet the most urgent needs first.

Ways You Can Help Others:
  • Join an Outreach Team (Touch lives for Jesus by helping meet physical and spiritual needs)
  • Host Homes – to offer Room & Board to out of town Church Army volunteers (several days or more)
  • Offer a spare car/truck to the same out of town Church Army volunteers
  • Help provide meals for out-of-town Church Army volunteers
  • Cutting downed trees and limbs
  • Removing and hauling debris
  • Removing spoiled food items
  • Donate water, food, and care packages
  • Remove ruined furniture, carpet, etc from flood victims
  • Help comfort emotionally bereaved
  • Receive and organize donations at All Souls
  • Donate needed goods
  • Make Relief Gift bags from the donated goods at All Souls
  • Help coordinate/organize teams, needs, volunteers

Please let Ric Smith know if you can help coordinate or organize in any capacity!!
Email him at Ric.Smith@cmj-usa.org

Things to donate for Care Bags:
  • Toilet paper
  • Paper towels
  • Non-perishable food – a meal or 2
  • Water (case, gallon, etc)
  • Cleaning Wipes (for hands, faces)
  • Matches/candles, flashlights with batteries
  • Toothpaste and other toiletries
  • An invitation to All Souls
  • A Bible
  • If you can donate a full Care Bag, it is most welcome! 🙂

What to pray for:

  • That People in need would know the comfort & presence of God
  • For their needs to be met with compassion
  • For the body of Christ to come together to meet them
  • For the Gospel to go forth in a meaningful way (hands to help, hearts to care, careful words)
  • For generosity and abundant supply

Donate to ARDF to help after Hurricane Irma

The Anglican Relief and Development Fund mentions All Souls on it’s Irma webpage.
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