Pastoral Care

  • Pastoral care is a ministry of both clergy and laity caring for our brothers and sisters during their times of physical, spiritual and emotional upheaval.
  • We visit them at home, in hospitals, nursing homes, retirement homes and hospice facilities. The ministry of physical presence is used as a vehicle to convey to our sisters and brothers the touch, love and compassion of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

If you have a pastoral need (ie: have become ill, planned or unplanned hospitalization, family crisis, etc), please contact one of the following church members:

Ralph Daniel: Home (262-9306) or Cell (236-0283)

Our Deacon – Rev. Dorie Head: Cell (955-9155)

Bill Harvey: Cell (612-7583) or Home (737-4306)

All Souls Church Office Staff: (268-4600)